Tips to Maximize Day Spa Experience


Guest Post By Himalayan Energy Spa

A day spa is the best place to go every time you feel like you need complete relaxation. People in this modern world often deal with toxic day to day work routines that can make the used to stress. However, this is not healthy, thus making it essential to relax every chance you get. And nothing beats a day spa as far as relaxation is concerned.

A spa vacation is where you can indulge in the best forms of spa services. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have the luxury to go on these vacations. Apart from the high costs associated with them, spa vacations also require you to be away from work and just stay in the spa resort. Of course, this is not an option for many people, which makes a day spa the next best thing.
Check out the following tips on how to maximize your day spa experience and enjoy it to the fullest.

Start with Proper Research

Not all spas are made equal. Before anything else, try to ask your family or friends about the best spa services they have tried in the past. But, your queries should not only focus on the rates and types of services offered. Instead, you also have to know if the staff is pleasant or if the day spa therapists are really good with their massages. The best day spas are those with well-trained and respectful staff members.

Consider the Day Spa Location

Is the day spa few steps away from your office or home? If it will take you an hour or more to reach the spa when you will only get treatments that won’t take half a day, you will only waste more time on travel instead of the treatment alone. Checking the location is a must, especially if you are caught in traffic and you will only end up stressed out as you travel to and from the spa.

Sanitation is a Must

Do the floor tills look somewhat dingy? Are the towels left lying on the massage tables or hanging carelessly in the bathroom? Ensuring that the day spa is spick and span should be among your top priorities. But of course, this is not something you can check unless you personally check the area. You might want to visit the day spa first and inquire if you can take a quick tour of the area. Many spas will accommodate such requests.

Choose Your Spa Treatment Ahead of Time

Before you go to your chosen day spa, you have to determine first the type of spa treatment that you want or need. Do you need a foot treatment or do you want a facial? Maybe you want to indulge in an hour-long massage or you simply want to soak in a Jacuzzi. By determining the specific services you need and want, you will be spending lesser time at the information desk or lounge and get the treatment right away instead.

Prepare Yourself

Not everyone is the same but it will be a good thing if you drink lots of fluids before you get a spa treatment. It is said that water can enhance the effects of day spa treatments. You might want to refrain from eating at least one hour before getting a massage. You should also refrain from bringing your unnecessary valuables such as laptop, jewelry, or other items that might get lost even when there are designated lockers in the day spa.

Hair Salon Nightmares?

Here’s Ways to Choose A Good Hair Salon

The top thing that you can do to guarantee that you constantly receive the very best hair cuts, newest expert strategies and outstanding service is to select the ideal beauty parlor. Granted, that is easier stated than done. With hair salons on virtually every street corner, narrowing down your alternatives to find the best beauty parlor can be confusing. Getting a referral to a hairdresser by family and friends could be an excellent way to start your search. However do not stop there. As you might currently understand, no two hairstylist take the exact same artistic method to their work. That suggests that a specific stylist or hairdresser may do a fantastic task on your Cousin Suzie’s long layers and still not be rather able to manage your short textured crop. That does not indicate that your cousin’s hairdresser is inferior in any way. It simply implies that you have to find a beauty parlor that is more suited to your particular style and needs. The simplest method to discover a hair salon suited to your requirements is to ask individuals with hair styles just like  you desire for a referral to their beauty parlor.


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